Two Day Preschool

THURSDAY and FRIDAY 9:00-11:00 AM

TEACHER:   Kim Seater


Life with a 2 year old is like a Seattle day–sunny one moment and cloudy the next!
• They are excited to play and explore.
• Their imaginations are blossoming.
• They still need our help moving beyond “MINE!”

Our class is a safe place to express their independence by exploring a room full of opportunities. As they grow more comfortable with language, we help them learn to communicate their needs.

Daily Routine

9:30 Welcome from Teacher Kim
9:45 Choice Time to Play, Explore, Pretend, and Create
10:45 Put Away Time (we made a joyful mess and we learn to clean up, too)
10:50 Circle Time Story and Songs (learning to sit and take part)
11:05 Snack (sitting together eating a healthy snack furnished and prepared by parents according to Health Department standards)
11:15 Music and Movement (singing and using big muscles to dance and move)
11:30 Time to say Good Bye


Parents assist in the classroom one day a week.

  • You choose whether your day each week will be either Thursday or Friday.
  • If you cannot come in due to illness, etc. you ask another parent to trade with you.
  • We teach you ways to interact with the kids using our “positive discipline” philosophy.
  • Your child comes the other day without you.
  • Some 2-3’s have a hard time separating–we follow your lead and help you both make this transition.
  • On a rotating basis, bring a healthy snack for the children.

Parents get to:

  • attend a monthly, evening parent meeting to discuss business and parenting topics
  • help with the running of the preschool and fundraising
  • choose a co-op job that fits your interests, skill, and time
  • become friends with other families that are investing in our children’s education

Parent Education is an important part of our Two Day Preschool

  • A  Parenting Educator attends class one day each week (alternating Thursday and Friday) ready to check in with you to offer tips that will help at home and at school
  • The class chooses one night a month for a Parent Meeting–time to learn about guidance and discipline AND as an adult night out together  (example: first Tuesday of each month  7-9:00)
  • To personalize your learning, choose from a list of free talks on topics such as: Guidance & Discipline, Raising Boys/Girls, Separation, Sleep, Potty Learning,  First Aid and CPR

“Being in co-op helped us move through those ‘Terrible Two’s’ I had heard about.  They weren’t so bad because I had friends going through it together–with the help of our teachers!”

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