Alki Cooperative Preschool is one of five cooperative preschools in West Seattle that are affiliated with South Seattle College. SSC Cooperative preschools differ from traditional preschool in that they are run by member families in association with the class teachers and the South Seattle College Program.

The SSC Parent Education Program is an integral part of Co-op membership. Parents in our program learn skills to use with their own children at home and while assisting in the classroom.

Alki Co-op is YOUR school as much as it is your child’s school! At Co-op parents will get to:

  • assist the teacher in the classroom one day per week
  • attend a monthly evening parent meeting to discuss parenting topics and school business
  • help with the running of the preschool
  • provide a healthy snack on a rotating basis
  • create a parent network in your community and make friends!
  • LEARN!


Each preschool is an independent non-profit 501c3 organization and is governed by a board elected from the Co-op membership. The preschool hires their teachers and makes budgeting decisions.



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