The SSC Co-op Preschool curriculum is play based. We believe that a child’s play is his work and that learning happens best when children use their bodies, their senses, their hearts, and their minds to discover their world. Facilitated play lays the foundation that will support academic success.

Through play in small and large groups children encounter real social situations and learn to regulate their emotions and solve problems. This learning doesn’t happen automatically or only through unstructured play time. Our high adult to child ratio means that adults are always available to facilitate the social-emotional learning that will help children succeed.

Our preschool teachers provide a rich learning environment full of learning activities that are just right for the developmental stage of the children:

  • creative arts, pretend play
  • sensory, science exploration
  • reading preparation
  • math manipulative
  • table games, blocks
  • snack, music, stories
  • small and large group interaction

Our curriculum is aligned with WaKIDS Washington State Kindergarten Entrance Guidelines and supports: family connection, whole child assessment for individualized learning, supporting smooth transition into Kindergarten