Pre-K Preschool
Age 4 by August 31st
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:30-2:00 PM

Teacher: Jena Inghram

Preschool Teacher Jena Inghram will be leading your children four afternoons a week though a wonderful, child-centered play curriculum that includes:

  • High adult:child ratios for plenty of individualized attention.
  • Science exploration and weekly science projects
  • Development of  pre-math/numeracy skills through block play, games and puzzles
  • Sensory play
  • Cooperative dramatic play
  • Gross motor development in our climbing room and outdoor space
  • Hands-on (often messy!) art projects.
  • Pre-literacy skill building through a multitude of activities and media
  • Exploration Thursdays: Thursdays will be out of the classroom every week; three Thursdays per month, we will have outdoor science and nature education in Lincoln Park with Teacher Kate of Explore Outdoors, the fourth Thursday Teacher Jena will take the class on an exciting field trip out into the community.
  • Social emotional skill building

Our class provides a stimulating variety of choices to explore for active, whole body learning. Challenges of learning to wait and negotiate with friends are met with understanding and proactive teaching.

Parent involvement:

  • Parents assist in the classroom one day a week.
  • You choose what day of the week you can work in the classroom.
  • Your child attends the other days without you.
  • If you cannot come in due to illness, etc. you ask another parent to trade with you.
  • We teach you ways to interact with the kids using our “positive discipline” philosophy.
  • Pack a healthy lunch for your child daily.

Parents get to:

  • attend a monthly, evening parent meeting to discuss business and parenting topics
  • help with the running of the preschool and fundraising
  • choose a co-op job that fits your interests, skill, and time
  • become friends with other families that are investing in our children’s education

Parent Education Program:

I can use words but sometimes I forget and use my body instead. I am so capable but it’s hard to get me out the door in the morning.
How to facilitate cooperation? How to have happy play dates? Why can’t s/he leave the park when it is time to go? How can I nurture his/ her love of reading?

Parent Education is an important part of our Four Day Preschool

A professional Parenting Educator attends class one day each week ready to check in with you to offer tips that will help at home and at school.
The class chooses one night a month for Parent Meeting–time to learn about guidance and discipline AND as an adult night out together.
To personalize your learning, choose from a list of free talks on topics such as: Guidance & Discipline, Raising Boys/Girls, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, Sleep, Raising an Only, Making the Most of Temperament Traits