Parent Education is an important part of our preschool

Although we are educators and parents, we are constantly learning and we are invested in that
process. Professional instructors provide parents with concrete, research-based tools for parenting in ways that are constructive and developmentally appropriate. We strive to create safe and supportive atmospheres in which parents can build empathetic relationships and learn from one another.

  • A Parenting Educator attends class one day each week ready to check in with you and to offer tips that will help at home and at school.
  • The class chooses one night a month for a Parent Meeting-the meeting includes one hour of parent education. You can ask questions and learn about guidance and discipline techniques.
  • To personalize your learning, choose from a list of free talks on topics such as: Guidance and Discipline, Separation, Sleep, Potty learning, First Aid and CPR. To see class offerings for members visit our calendar.

Resources for Parents