Kim received a BA in Communications from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Her two children were in the SSC Co-op system for seven years–her son is an alumni of both Alki and Arbor Heights(now White Center) Co-ops; her daughter is a graduate of the SSC Toddler Preschool and Arbor Heights Co-op. Throughout their Seattle Public school years, Kim volunteered in the classrooms, chaperoning field, band and outdoor education trips, worked in the libraries, lunchrooms, was on the PTSA Washington Middle School Board for three years, tutored in WMS reading classes, helped with school banking and numerous auctions and fundraisers.

Kim started teaching the Arbor Heights M/T two’s in the Spring of 2003 and continued teaching the Arbor Heights two’s class until the Spring of 2015. In the Fall of 2015 she returned to Alki Co-op where she has the privilege of teaching the two’s class. Kim has also had the pleasure of teaching various one day classes for Just Walkers and Toddlers at the SSC preschool for the past seven years.

Kim lovers her Just Walkers, Toddlers and two’s students. And is thankful for the wonderful kids, parents and family’s that bring smiles, hugs and joy to her classroom each and every year!