Three year olds are full of wonder and are ready to learn by DOING. Through guided play at preschool they are: 

  • Developing social skills
  • Using language to solve problems 
  • Practicing self regulation
  • Making neural (brain) connections that are the foundation for reading and math

Alki Co-op Preschool’s curriculum is play-based. We believe that a child’s play is their work and that learning happens best when children use their bodies, their senses, their hearts, and their minds to discover their world.

Our class provides a stimulating variety of choices to explore for active, whole body learning. Challenges of learning to wait and negotiate with friends are met with understanding and proactive teaching.

Daily Routine:

  • Choice time to play, explore, pretend and create
  • Put away time (we made a joyful mess and we learn to clean up too)
  • Circle time story  (learning to sit and take part)
  • Snack
  • Music and movement (singing and using big muscles)

Parent Involvement:

Parents work one day each week. Your child attends class without you the other two days. If you cannot come in due to illness, etc. you can ask another parent to cover for you or trade. We teach you ways to interact with the kids using our “positive discipline” philosophy. Some “Threes” have a hard time separating– we follow your lead and help you both make this transition. Parents rotate bringing a healthy snack for the children. Your snack day will be about once every one to two months.

NEW for 2024-25 school year: optional Thursday morning Outdoor Class with Teacher Archer!