Just blocks from Alki Beach and down the hill from The Junction, we exemplify the best of the West Side. Alki kids get to do the messy, creative, intriguing things that stimulate their curiosities and fire up their growing brains!

What We Provide

Our preschool teachers provide a rich environment full of learning activities that are just right for the developmental stage of your child. We believe that a child’s play is their work and that learning happens best when children use their bodies, their senses, their hearts, and their minds to discover their world. Our specialty is helping children learn the joy of discovery through play and guided learning interactions.

Parent education is also an integral part of Co-op membership. Parents in our program learn skills to use with their own children at home and while assisting in the classroom. Co-op can help families connect with other families and create a supportive parenting network.

Our curriculum is aligned with WaKIDS Washington State Kindergarten Entrance Guidelines and supports: family connection, whole child assessment for individualized learning and supporting smooth transition into kindergarten.

Come visit our school!

We welcome visitors to view our sunny preschool and meet our teachers! Please contact us to arrange a visit or to get more information about how you and your child would enjoy being part of our preschool community.